Bradford, ON


At Whole Sale Fence Canada, located in Bradford, Ontario, we have the perfect privacy fencing for your home. Whether you are looking for a custom vinyl fence or a custom wood fence, our fences give you the privacy that you need. At Whole Sale Fence Canada, we have several different looks and options for you to choose from, such as pressure treated custom wood fencing, or beautiful custom vinyl fencing. Our custom Vinyl fencing wood fence privacy fence Bradford ON are pressure treated, making them a lasting, stylish addition to your homes privacy. At Whole Sale Fence Canada in Bradford, Ontario our custom wood fences are made of either pressure treated 4×4 panels or 6×6 panels, each one giving that different look. Our custom wood fences give your home in Bradford, Ontario the privacy you need. At Whole Sale Fence Canada located conveniently in Bradford, Ontario, we not only have custom wood fencing, but we also have beautiful custom vinyl fencing. If you’re looking for that white picket fence look, but want that extra dose of privacy, than our custom vinyl fences are perfect for your home in Bradford, Ontario. Our custom vinyl fences come in several different styles and looks, giving you the options to choose the perfect custom vinyl fence for your home in Bradford, Ontario. If you need privacy, but you also want style, than our privacy fences at Whole Sale Fence Canada in Bradford, Ontario, is the perfect place for you. Whether you want a privacy fence made of pressure treated wood, or you want that white custom vinyl fence, we have what you are looking for in Bradford, Ontario. With all of our different selections, you can’t go wrong. Your home in Bradford, Ontario needs that extra privacy, and with our fences, you will have all the privacy you want.

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